What is a penis sleeve.  We answer that question in this article.

What is a penis sleeve?

The Penis Sleeve... what is this mysterious sex toy? Whether you want to extend your length, girth, or switch up sensations, the penis sleeve is an incredibly versatile sex toy to add to your collection.

In short, they are penis shaped silicone sleeves that stretch over your own erect penis to encase it and reshape it.  The silicone will generally be high quality in order to be comfortable for both the wearer and the recipient.  They will either mirror a realistic look and design for size enhancement or more creative designs such as animals or fantasy creatures for sexual fantasy play.

Primarily, the purpose is to provide added stimulation and pleasure for the receiving partner during sex.  Enhanced pleasure is achieved by adding textures to the sleeve such as ridges, bumps, veins etc, as well as the added girth and/or length.  Whilst many designs are close ended, i.e representing the shaft and head of the penis, other sleeves will be open ended allowing the head of the penis to emerge from the end of the sleeve and receive stimulation too.

A secondary use of penis sleeves is to redirect pleasure away from the wearer and focus solely on the recipient.  By wearing a closed sleeve, the penis won't receive the same direct stimulation.  This can be useful for people who suffer from premature ejaculation or interestingly as part of BDSM play where a dominant might want to allow their submissive to engage in sex, but without receiving the gratification that they would expect.  Needless to say this pairs well with chastity play as well as orgasm denial scenarios.

Within the Penis Sleeves Co store, you will find a broad range of sleeves catering to all of the scenarios described above.  We put a focus on retailing the highest quality silicone moulded sleeves which are soft and stretchy as well as resilient to wear. When using one, we would recommend using sufficient amounts of water-based lubricant as well as cleaning them afterward to keep them in their best condition and avoid the spread of bacteria.

If you are interested in introducing your partner to sleeve play, send them the link to this article and see what they say! 

If you have any questions then please feel free to reach out to us any time at hello@penissleeves.co 

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